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Explore your options under landlord-tenant law in Akron, OH

Do you have a question about landlord-tenant law? Are you looking for help with creating a will? McKinzie & Associates in Akron, OH is here to serve you. Our attorney provides a variety of legal services that deal with property and inheritance law. This can include everything from serving as your transfer of land attorney to helping you create your will.

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What kind of property issues do we handle?

Whether you're purchasing a property or creating a rental contract, you'll want an attorney on your side. If you're looking for a transfer of land attorney or other property attorney, turn to us. Our attorney assists clients with a wide range of situations, including:

Land disputes
Wills and trusts
Transfer of land
Mortgage disputes
Adverse possession
Landlord-tenant disputes

He also assists with a variety of probate and property issues, including determining power of attorney and creating living wills.

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