Hurt in an Accident?

Speak to a personal injury attorney in Akron, OH

Medical bills, repair expenses and more can pile up after an accident. If you're left dealing with the aftermath of an accident, McKinzie & Associates can help. Our personal injury attorney in Akron, OH represents clients involved in all kinds of accidents, including class-action trucking lawsuits.

If you're dealing with an auto accident injury, there's not a second to waste - turn to our attorney today.

Why you should choose our personal injury attorney

After an accident, you have plenty to worry about. You don't need to stress about finding and meeting with a personal injury attorney too. We go above and beyond for our clients so they can stay focused on recovering. To provide the optimal level of service, we:

Travel to hospitals for in-person visits while clients recover
Assist with reporting to health insurance and negotiating subrogation
Take on slip-and-fall, product liability, trucking and auto accident cases

If you're dealing with the effects of an auto accident injury, you shouldn't have to worry about getting up and out for something as simple as meeting with an attorney. That's why we'll come to you. Call 330-864-3100 now to arrange a meeting with an attorney.