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A divorce isn't something you pursue lightly. Once you've made the difficult decision to separate, you'll want compassionate representation. McKinzie & Associates is a family law firm in Akron, OH that's ready to help you. Our divorce attorney provides services for mediations, contested and uncontested divorces.

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Dealing with the difficult parts of your divorce

Divorce isn't easy. If you have children or shared property with your spouse, you will likely have to settle some parts of your divorce with the assistance of a judge. Thankfully, your divorce attorney will assist you with every step of this process. Your attorney can help you with:

Separating assets and accounts
Settling the details of alimony payments
Determining child custody and child support

For unfortunate situations that involve an abusive spouse, an attorney can also assist with getting a restraining order or seeking a divorce or separation to keep you safe and put your mind at ease. If you have any questions about divorce, reach out to our family law firm.