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Timothy D. McKinzie has been practicing law at his law firm McKinzie and Associates since 1993. He is an excellent trial lawyer and has handled many jury trials, bench trials (trials to the judge), binding arbitrations, mediations and hearings throughout the last twenty years. The common denominator to all of his work is that he prepares cases for trial and tries cases. The best way to ensure the most favorable settlement in civil litigation or criminal defense cases is to prepare as if you are really going to try the case! When the opposition senses that your lawyer is prepared for trial, then momentum has a better chance of swinging your way.

Mr. McKinzie has a very successful history in criminal defense cases. He has won acquittals in murder, aggravated assault, simple assault, domestic violence, DUI, DUS and many other criminal and traffic-related cases. He has tried these cases to juries and to judges and has won many times for his clients. Furthermore, he has successfully negotiated substantial reductions of charges in many criminal cases. Sometimes, the facts actually prevent a viable defense to be set forth at trial and as an experienced attorney, Tim McKinzie knows when the best outcome may be achieved from negotiating for a resolution. Whether settling or trying a case, fully preparing as if a trial was certain is usually the best way to position the client for the most positive outcome.

Mr. McKinzie has also handled many civil litigation matters; most notably he was part of a small team of lawyers that recently won a jury verdict in a commercial litigation case of nearly Ten Million Dollars ($10,000,000) for the client. This may be the largest commercial litigation verdict in the history of Summit County, Ohio. You can read the jury award and other filings on the Summit County Court of Common Pleas’ web site. The case citation is Phoenix Lighting Group, LLC, et. al. v. Genlyte Thomas Group, LLC et al., Case No. 2012 08 4444 Summit County Court of Common Pleas, jury verdict filed on June 11, 2014 punitive damage award filed on June 20, 2014. Attorney McKinzie also litigated a foreclosure defense case all the way through to the Ohio Supreme Court and prevailed, winning a total release of the underlying note and mortgage. U.S. Bank Natl. Assn. v. Gullotta (2008) 120 Ohio St. 3d 399, 2008-Ohio-6268.

Tim McKinzie is an excellent choice if you want a lawyer who has the ability to investigate, prepare and present your case to a jury or judge and negotiate the very best possible resolution of your legal matter.

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